Launch of Carpathian Single Malt Whisky in London at the Royal Automobile Club

Last night was the official launch of Carpathian Single Malt Whisky in #London at the Royal Automobile Club

A successful evening celebrating a premium product made in #Romania by Alexandrion Group

Nawaf Salameh, cofounder of Alexandrion Group says:

? Tradition is priceless because it’s tested by time.

It filters and enriches constantly, in a process of continous evolution.

So tradition is not an anthonym of innovation, but rather the foundation of it.

?? In this sense our Carpathian Single Malt is placed in the long lineage of the British whisky tradition, so launching it in London, is a sort of homecoming.

And even more so if you think of our Master Distiller Allan Anderson, a scotsman with Irish descendance.

?? Romania, my home for almost 40 years, is rich and beautiful in its natural and cultural heritage.

High quality barley, pure Sub-Carpathian water and a balanced climate gave me the ideea to fashion a world class Single Malt.

And I assure you I have all the marbles with me, or as Romanians say, I have all the tiles on the roof, for the #CarpathianSingleMalt is proving itself.

?I hope that our whisky will gain recognition with the british public and that it acts as an ambassador of Romania, bringing new synergies in our relations.”

Looking forward to welcoming Carpathian Single Malt to #Wales!